Is 3 a multiple of 25?

When you are asking the question "Is 3 a multiple of 25?", you want to know if 3 is one of the multiples of 25. Thus, to find the answer, we can look at all the multiples of 25 and see if one of them is 3. However, instead of making a long list of multiples, we will explain a fast and easy way to get the answer.

First, note that if we were to create a list of multiples of 25, we first multiply 25 by 1, then we multiply 25 by 2, then multiply 25 by 3, and so on indefinitely. In other words, 25 multiplied by any whole number is a multiple of 25. On the flip side, this means that any multiple of 25 divided by 25 will equal a whole number.

Therefore, you can check if 3 is a multiple of 25 by simply dividing 3 by 25. If the quotient is a whole number, then 3 is a multiple of 25.

3 divided by 25 is 0.12. In this case, the quotient is not a whole number, therefore, 3 is not a multiple of 25.

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Is 3 a multiple of 26?
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