5 times what equals 31?

5 times what equals 31? In other words, what do you multiply by 5 to get 31? If "x" is "what" in the sentence, "5 times what equals 31?", then the equation to solve the problem is as follows:

5 • x = 31

Which can be written as:

5x = 31

To solve the equation above, we need to remove the 5 on the left side to make the x alone. To do that, we divide both sides by 5.

5x/5 = 31/5

5x/5 is x and 31/5 is 6.2 which means our equation will look like this:

x = 6.2

Thus, the answer to "5 times what equals 31?" is 6.2.

To double-check our work, multiply 6.2 by 5 to see that it equals 31. (Note that our answer on this page is rounded to 4 digits if necessary.)

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