What two numbers have a GCF of 12?

Here we will explain and show you how to find what two numbers have the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of 12.

There is actually an infinite number of answers to this question. First, note that both the numbers we are looking for must be multiples of 12. Below is the beginning list of multiples of 12 (1 through 7) in numerical order.

1. 12
2. 24
3. 36
4. 48
5. 60
6. 72
7. 84

Two numbers that have a GCF of 12 can be 12 and any other number on the list above. Thus, two numbers that have a GCF of 12 are:

12 & 24
12 & 36
12 & 48

That is not all! Any combination of any multiple of 12 and "odd" multiples of 12 will also have GCF of 12. We numbered the multiples above so it would be easy to identify the "odd" multiples (number 1, 3, 5, 7, etc). Thus, here are some more examples of two numbers that also have a GCF of 12.

24 & 36
24 & 60
48 & 60
48 & 84

Like we stated above, there are infinite combinations of two numbers whose GCF is 12. The lists we created can go on forever.

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Teacher Tip: If you are a teacher, you could ask these questions of your students: "I am thinking of two numbers and the GCF is 12, what are the numbers?" or "What are two numbers whose GCF is 12?"

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