Time and a half of $52

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, most employers are required to pay you at least time and a half if you make $52 an hour and work more than 40 hours a week.

In other words, you will be paid $52 for the first 40 hours you work in a week, and time and a half of $52 for the hours you work above 40 hours during the week.

As long as you are under the 40 hours, employers are not required to pay you time and a half for holidays, but many reputable employers pay it anyway.

So you want to know how much you will make if your normal pay is 52 dollars an hour, and you get paid time and a half because you worked overtime or on a holiday?

To calculate time and a half of any amount, you multiply the amount by 1.5. Therefore, you multiply $52 by 1.5 to get time and a half of $52. Here is the formula, the math, and the answer:

Normal Pay × 1.5 = Time and a half Pay
52 × 1.5 = 78.00

$52 normal pay
= $78.00 time and a half pay

Below, you can calculate your total salary before tax if you got paid some hours at your regular pay of $52 and some hours at time and a half of 52 dollars.

 hours at $52
 hours at time and a half of $52

Time and a Half Calculator
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